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While I started reading the Jellax Saga after this prologue was already long finished, I will say that it was still well worth the wait...

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White Widow: Infuriated by PsionicsKnight White Widow: Infuriated :iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 3 0 White Widow: Angry by PsionicsKnight White Widow: Angry :iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 5 3 White Widow: Surprised by PsionicsKnight White Widow: Surprised :iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 4 0 White Widow: Deadpan Stare by PsionicsKnight White Widow: Deadpan Stare :iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 3 0 White Widow: Sad by PsionicsKnight White Widow: Sad :iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 1 3 White Widow: Excited by PsionicsKnight White Widow: Excited :iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 3 0
Meeting Grendel (Request)
    A tall, thin figure was leaning against a tree, seemingly very relaxed. He seemed spaced out, looking towards the shining full moon, a ukulele sitting next to him, gently touching his side. Using one of his four paws to tilt his hat up a little more, his eyes became half closed as he made slight clicking noises, glancing around a bit. Then, everything went quiet as he shut his eyes, dozing off.
    Of course, for one other figure, it was the start of an adventure. Having newly arrived in the town with his family, he had once seen the great monster from a distance; he appeared to keep to himself, not really interacting with anyone. Rayden thought it was just him going about his daily life, but his brother Gunner said the monster was trying to keep away from people. Of course, this led the two caynins to fight, and eventually for Rayden to vow he’d befriend the mysterious monster.
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White Widow: Happy Expression by PsionicsKnight White Widow: Happy Expression :iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 3 10
Visions of Evil Trailer (Aseik-Ilu Chronicles)
[The beginning starts in what looks to be an old, ruined throne room in great disrepair, with even the stone throne decaying]
Nehellenia (Offscreen): That… that girl, that sweet, “innocent” girl, was… was…
Beryl (Offscreen): I know it’s hard, but you have to believe me!
Nehellenia: A monster!
[The scene flashes, and instead we see the street of a grand, Victorian city, still appearing to decay. On the walls, words such as “Pain”, “Lies”, and “Fear” are written over and over again, in no particular pattern, covering the walls]
Guardian Jelly: We never saw anything like it before, not even with Chaos!
Mysterious Female Voice: [Concerned, speaks as if talking to someone] They are not confined to the spaces you know; they can travel in the ones between them!
[A group of Jellax, led by Guardian Slimey and carrying flashlights, makes their way through a dark forest. Sudden
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Mature content
Dark Illusions (Preview) :iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 0 5
Jellax: Salvation's Reprieve
    The doors of the school creaked a bit as Sam pushed them open. Cringing a bit, the group looked back and was relieved to see no Jellax had heard the sound of the creak. Quickly coming in, the quartet closed the door and began to walk into the cafeteria, not wanting to risk a few Jellax seeing them through the windows. The upkeep of the school surprised Sam: even though the dark hallways showed the lights weren’t on, and he did notice a few cracks and damages in the walls from beforehand, the building itself was… quite clean and tidy, to be completely honest. Sure, there was a small layer of dust, as well as some cobwebs, but it looked like it had been cleaned a short time ago-despite the fact that most of the former residents, human or Jellax, were gone. In fact, now that he thought about it, the same thing was true of many of the abandoned buildings.
    Huh, maybe the Jellax clean up when they v
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Flames and Cinders (RWBY: Repercussions Preview)
    “Come on! Where is she?” Cinder growled as she scrolled through the candidates once more, trying to find her unwitting pawn. Ever since discovering her Semblance, Pyrrha Nikos had been an integral part of Cinder’s plans for the Vytal Festival. While she wasn’t necessary, so to speak, her powers and reputation could prove to be of great assistance in regards to their goals. Especially in regards to what they learned about the mysterious new girl Penny Polendina. But now, for whatever reason, the demi-Maiden could not find the Invincible Girl’s profile.
    Sighing, she decided to minimize the page on her scroll. Emerald and Mercury would return soon, and perhaps the three of them could figure out whatever was wrong and proceed with the plans. In the meantime, Cinder decided to research some of the new information Watts had sent to her, about the so-called “new chosen” tha
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RWBY: Grimm Affection
    “And Lionheart has been made aware of our changes to our plans?” Salem asked as she walked through her palace.
    “Oh yes, Lady Salem.” Dr. Watts responded through the Seer, a small smirk growing underneath his black bush of a mustache. “Lionheart will make the proper alterations. But, still, I must ask… why exactly are we deviating away from the plan so much? The initial plans were fine enough; I dare even say foolproof!”
    “Call it… an instinct.” Salem still held skepticism towards the so-called “gods” that had “marked” her, but she had to admit; they did certainly help in some areas, such as telling them where the Fall Maiden truly was and when was the best time to strike. As well as taking care of Team RWBY, insuring Cinder wouldn’t be so harmed as before. But still… there was something off about them, and if Salem knew o
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Guide to the Eir'Reyas Part 8, Timeline
Timeline of the Silver Millennium
PR-SM: Pre-Silver Millennium
SM: Silver Millennium
PS-SM: Post Silver Millennium
PR-SM 12.6 Billion:
    ·      The Big Bang of the Moonverse is initiated, creating various stars and planets.  While there have been debates over what exactly was the Big Bang and what caused it, the Cult of Sanavando claim the Big Bang was not a purely accidental, natural phenomenon, but was intentionally caused by a “interpenetrative and transcendent being” whom they call the Almighty.
    ·      From the center of this event comes the Galaxy Cauldron, a vast Celestial Engine that continues to create new stars and life, while also recycle dying and dead stars to create new ones. The Cauldron also created mighty women known as the Sailor Senshi, who would help lead people throughout the universe.
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The God-Tulpa Saga, Part 1: Remains
    Detective Francis O’Malley slowly drank her coffee, letting the taste envelope her tongue, as she inspected the compound. It wasn’t really impressive; many of the buildings were small, box-shaped shanties, only a story or two high. Almost all painted monochrome colors like brown, black or gray. Nothing decorated the outside, with the exception of the dirt path that led to the center of the commune. Despite being relatively new, having been built within a few years, the layers of dust and cobwebs, cracked and broken windows, and the roaches and ants running wild, indicated that the area had been abandoned for a long time.
    Taking another sip from her cup, Francis started to walk around the pseudo-ghost town—called “Ferrison” in the official report. It surprised the detective; while the buildings were fairly modern, both in terms of appearance and interior, the infrastructure was not changed—rather than co
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Likor Profile
An Artist’s representation of Lord Likor’s True Form
Name: Likor
Real Name: Unknown/None
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: Unknown, said to be millions of years old.
Height: 6’6 (Can change this)
Weight: 186 lbs.
Race: An unknown parasitic species not yet discovered.
Traits: Crafty, clever, deceitful, misanthropic, hateful, ambitious.
Weapon: Iipeqir; a large stave made from hir own cells and the steel of Carcosa.
Armor: Whatever sie can find, though sie has recreated hir victims clothes in more recent events.
Follower/Priest Name: Xoudite
Favored Servitors: Daemons of Abbadon, Half-Breeds, Full-Bloods, renegade Black Spiral Garou, Bale Hounds, Beastmen, Tyranids, Renegade Genestealers, Goblins, Xenomorphs, Fellian clansmen and wizards, Renegade Sabbat Vampires, Humans.
Sacred Beast: The Mabinogion
    ·      Likes: Assimilating “worthy subjects”, testing his worshippers, spendi
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Comission APRIL ONEIL HAREM SUIT by Witchking00 Comission APRIL ONEIL HAREM SUIT :iconwitchking00:Witchking00 1,560 167
An Open Letter to R. Scott Bakker
Dear Mr. Bakker,
I don't know if you remember me, but in early September I wrote a journal expressing my love and frustrations for your metaphysical dark fantasy epic The Second Apocalypse series---which, to my watchers, I'd like to remind is sort of what would happen if you handed over the reins to Dune to Thomas Ligotti---and your entire body of work as a whole. It was less the philosophy of the work (which, by the way, is awesome) and more the excessive use of sexual violence as a dramatic device. Which, well, I know is a complaint you get a lot.
What had always bugged me, though, was the claim the setting of the Three-Seas was accurate at least in a socio-historical context (in as much as an ersatz of 13th/14th century Europe/Middle East can possibly get), but for the longest time whenever we saw a female character in the series they were only prostitutes or nobility and both were eventually reduced to whores by someone.
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Taiyokei Senshi
Usagi Mitsuishi/Moon
Height: 5’4”
Elemental Power: Ergokinesis
Family in Previous Life: Selene (mother), Mercury (younger sister), Mars (younger sister), Jupiter (younger sister), Venus (younger sister), Pluto (younger sister), Uranus (younger sister), Neptune (younger sister), Saturn (younger sister)
Family in Current Life: Ikuko Mitsuishi (mother), Kenji Mitsuishi (father), Shingo Mitsuishi (younger brother), Jouji Araki (uncle), Miyuu Araki (aunt), Rini Araki (younger cousin)
Hometown: Kofu
History: The oldest daughter of Kenji and Ikuko Mitsuishi, Usagi was known to be an underachieving and accident-prone crybaby, even for someone her age. Because her father was often away on business trips, her mother was the one to scold her for her poor grades in school. Despite the stress of raising two children pract
:iconakkusuraikan:AkkusuRaikan 4 3
Mistress of Hypnosis
"Unhand me, you vile demons! I demand an explanation for this! Unhand me, I say!"
Thomas was being dragged helplessly towards the entrance of the castle. His blood was racing, his heart was pounding, and his nerves were shot. Two butlers, dressed entirely in black-aside from their black and white striped masks around their eyes-remained silent as they lifted the boy up the stairs to the door. Finally, the servant on the right of Thomas hissed in a snake-like tone, "Our Mistress will certainly be pleased with this one," he whispered in a light snicker, "you know how much she loves those who resist and fight her power."
The two servants chuckled deeply within their throats, the servant to the left of Thomas replied, "Oh, yes! She will be most pleased with us! Perhaps she'll even reward us with another entrancive gift." The two servants seemed awfully giddy to Thomas for such a thing...however, Thomas didn't have much time to think before they were at the large, front door
:iconswirlyeyeshypnotize:SwirlyEyesHypnotize 252 433
Calamity by nononsensei Calamity :iconnononsensei:nononsensei 246 13 Second letter PART 1 by Crock2121 Second letter PART 1 :iconcrock2121:Crock2121 29 6 Girls fishing by khamisabdi Girls fishing :iconkhamisabdi:khamisabdi 33 8 Princess Jasmine, Evil Genie Corruption by HaryuDanto
Mature content
Princess Jasmine, Evil Genie Corruption :iconharyudanto:HaryuDanto 286 16
:SCOM: akkusuraikan 4 by AngelicsMana :SCOM: akkusuraikan 4 :iconangelicsmana:AngelicsMana 14 6 :SCOM: akkusuraikan 3 by AngelicsMana :SCOM: akkusuraikan 3 :iconangelicsmana:AngelicsMana 11 8 :COM: AkkusuRaikan by AngelicsMana :COM: AkkusuRaikan :iconangelicsmana:AngelicsMana 21 18 :SCOM: AkkusuRaikan by AngelicsMana :SCOM: AkkusuRaikan :iconangelicsmana:AngelicsMana 28 15 Gwynevere XNALara by Xelandis Gwynevere XNALara :iconxelandis:Xelandis 64 3 WEB-OUT! by spiderweber WEB-OUT! :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 991 101 Shani and Toad Prince by LinART Shani and Toad Prince :iconlinart:LinART 632 21 Painful Fusion ( not canon ) by xXCresent-MoonXx Painful Fusion ( not canon ) :iconxxcresent-moonxx:xXCresent-MoonXx 1 1



White Widow: Infuriated
After my last portrait of the White Widow, :iconneo-byzantium: said he wanted to see some other expressions as well. And, since I felt it would be a good idea, I did some others soon after the last one.

So, here's my small series on the White Widow's expressions!
White Widow: Angry
After my last portrait of the White Widow, :iconneo-byzantium: said he wanted to see some other expressions as well. And, since I felt it would be a good idea, I did some others soon after the last one.

So, here's my small series on the White Widow's expressions!
White Widow: Surprised
After my last portrait of the White Widow, :iconneo-byzantium: said he wanted to see some other expressions as well. And, since I felt it would be a good idea, I did some others soon after the last one.

So, here's my small series on the White Widow's expressions!
White Widow: Deadpan Stare
After my last portrait of the White Widow, :iconneo-byzantium: said he wanted to see some other expressions as well. And, since I felt it would be a good idea, I did some others soon after the last one.

So, here's my small series on the White Widow's expressions!
White Widow: Sad
After my last portrait of the White Widow, :iconneo-byzantium: said he wanted to see some other expressions as well. And, since I felt it would be a good idea, I did some others soon after the last one.

So, here's my small series on the White Widow's expressions!
Now... my main problem, however, is that sometimes, the work does seem to go into a sort of... fundamentalist viewpoint. It's not always there, and to be frank, the game doesn't seem to have an evangelical bent (if anything, it's just showing a Cosmic Horror Story from a Christian perspective) but there are some examples, some more concerning than others. To give an example; in the world of Rapture, it's explained that all diseases and insanities are not caused by bacteria, chemical imbalances, or other forms of physical problems. Instead... it's just demons. Yep, pretty many demons just cause all the problems here. Which is really strange, and out of place, since in the section about alien creatures, the rulebook specifically says that evolution is a natural law God placed within the universe, which is why the aliens are so... well, alien.

I guess a part of it is to keep up with the idea that you can't just get a scientist to fix everything, but even then I think there could have been better ways to do this other than "oh, doctors are quacks". Perhaps one idea is that demons possess the microorganisms and use them to cause the disease, or that a side-effect of getting possessed by a demon is chemical imbalances in the brain. Another idea is that, since this is a Christian universe, perhaps after the Passion of the Christ (the event, not the movie) the Legion and Unclean Spirits (i.e. demons) lost a lot of power in the natural world and could only affect it subtly, to the point medicine could combat them. And with the Rapture and the return of demons, modern science is too weak to fight against them now. To me, the current idea is just a bit too creatively sterile and, even though the writers do say this doesn't reflect their worldview and they tell people to go to a doctor if they're sick, it still feels like an attack on the medical community.

The other problem I have is the theological side of it, which the writers don't say is part of the game and that's it. Basically, the story seems to imply that there is only one right interpretation of the Bible, which is technically true as most people will say an "interpretation" is really, at most, something like an educated guess and it could be wrong. Problem is, the world of Rapture does say that only those who keep "unpolluted" scripture are the ones who will be saved, with all others thrown in with unrepentant sinners. And there does seem to be an implication that any interpretation of scripture other than the "right one" will be considered polluted.

Long story short; it seems that the game implies that, in the world of the game at least, you will be unsaved unless you have the exact right interpretation of every theological issue.

Now, while I am one who does believe at some point, we do need to draw lines and say that there are some things that go against core beliefs--that can range from anything from a nation, a geographical area, or even humanity, to something as small as a single family or even an individual and others like them--I also think that it is inherently dangerous, and offensive, to always have a black-and-white view in regards to peoples' beliefs. After all, we ourselves are just human and many times, people have brought more evil because of a desire to play God, rather than support what they believe as right. Moreover, it can give some scary thoughts for this universe; exactly how good could God be if, apparently, He is willing to condemn His own believers for simply not understanding Him completely?

In any case, I still feel Rapture is an interesting game and does deserve a bit more recognition, even as just a foray into a genre not many go into these days. It's by no means perfect, maybe even offensive, and I'd even argue that maybe some other games and media handle this subject better, but it's not as bad as, say, Left Behind or God's Not Dead.

Find Rapture, End of Days here:…

Next week: We're talking a game about human evil and what it can... and why it's probably not all that popular in the first place.
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