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While I started reading the Jellax Saga after this prologue was already long finished, I will say that it was still well worth the wait...

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Setting Things Straight Review
[I’m shown sitting at a desk, conflicted, while looking over some notes and sighing dejectedly.]
Gureepo: [Enters from another room.] Hey, Psi, Oniwa-Sama let me in and—[notices I don’t look the best and grimaces] What’s going on with you?
Me: [Looks up] Oh, Gureepo. Sorry. I was just… trying to look at some things and it’s… been a bit difficult.
Gureepo: [Walks up, one hand on her hip] What do you mean?
Me: It’s… well, with all that’s happened recently; I wanted to return to fanfiction reviews. But… I’ve been having a hard time finding one. Particularly because so many I’ve not had time to finish.
Gureepo: Well… what about a one-shot?
Me: [Thinks then pulls out one note] There is one, but… it’s a bit hard to swallow.
Gureepo: Please, I’m sure it can’t be that bad—
Me: It has a man using religion to denounce homosexual
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Pure One Pantheon
WARNING: Contains Spoilers for Some Series Below
Pure One Pantheon 

Pure Triturative 
White Widow, Goddess of Light, Order, and Stasis:
Portfolio: Law, Sword, War, Light, Sun, Protection
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Species: Human
Worship Preference: Compensatory
Likor, God of Evolution, Change, and Balance:
Portfolio: Beasts, Sorcery, Shapeshifting, Fear, Madness, Endurance
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Species: Unknown Parasitic Xeno
Worship Preference: Compensatory/Bellicose
Jack of All, God of Darkness, Chaos, and Pleasure:
Portfolio: Darkness, Entropy, Void, Passion, Knowledge, Thieves
Alignment:  Chaotic Evil
Species: Humanoid, possibly Jackal or Kannibahl
Worship Preference: Compensatory
Black Negiva
Cagurath, The Divine Ghoul:

Other Titles: The God-Queen of Holy Idris
Portfolio: Alacrity, Blood, Earth, Knowledge
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Fanfic Recommendations #5
    Hey all,
    Bit of a shorter list this day, since I’m afraid that I just didn’t get a chance to find many good fanfics. I hope to amend this for next week, though!
    With that said, let’s begin!
CyberTheHedgehog270’s Works: Like with TigerPaw90, Cyber doesn’t always have a nice and neat series. Rather, he just tends to post whatever he wants, whenever he wants—usually comical jokes about shipping, with Jaune at the center, or parodies of events. Altogether, I kind of consider him the “counterpart” to Tiger, as not only does he focus on the heroes rather than the villains, but also his works are more about humor than about serious events. My only real criticism is that one could arguably say some of his jokes can be seen as “too soon” in some c
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Training (Shiki: New Friends Preview)
    “Alright, now try to attack the jugular area,” Shizuka responded as she pointed at the neck of the dummy.
    “Okay,” With that, the young girl turned to the dummy. Taking her glasses off, she lunged at the mannequin and started to sink her teeth into the mannequin’s timber throat. Despite knowing it was nothing more than a simple effigy, Miyako still thrust and bit down hard onto the object, imagining it as a struggling human. After a few minutes, the newly turned Shiki finally let go, her saliva dripping off of her lips like blood after a first meal.
    “Well, I’ll give you points for creativity, but you don’t need to get so aggressive,” Shizuka replied, grinning a bit, as Miyako lifted herself up. “Just rush in, bite the neck, and suck away. There’s no need to act like you’re wrestling a
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The Ankaresh
And before the Dawn of Days was Arakerish, The Seven Who Are One. From Arakerish came first the Aklossi, Those Who Dwell Beyond—countless in their numbers, the Aklossi danced and celebrated with Arakerish, for He loved them and provided for all Her children. But Arakerish was not just content with the Aklossi, and sought to bring about more—with but a thought, Arakerish spread out His power and brought even more to the Known and Unknown Worlds. Afterwhich, Arakerish turned to Her children and proclaimed, “Let your creativity flow through the veins of All. Join with me in creating this new paradise!” At once, the Aklossi spread out across the All, mixing elements and moving atoms to their liking, all under the watchful eye of The Seven Who Are One. Some even formed together to create new bonds, growing closer and forming new relationships—the first at the Dawn of Days. From His Sevenfold Throne in Her Celestial Palace, Arakerish looked down in pride and joy
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Fanfic Recommendations #4
    Hello everyone, since I didn’t really do anything in regards to Fanfic Recommendations for the last couple of weeks, I figured it would be good to catch up. I don’t have too much this time, but I hope you guys like these regardless! I’m also going to mention one LH fanfic since the guy who talked to me asked me to mention it and I think it’s got a good premise. After that, though, I want to try and keep from mentioning them next week.
         Also, from now on, I’m going to mention who is the person behind the stories as well. I figured it would be more respectful and might help give some feedback. With that said, let’s begin!
Mother Maiden AU
: An interesting take on the RWBY story, I must also warn this has spoilers for Volume 3, so don’t read it if you don’t want that! The actual storyline of the MM AU is that during the Battle of Beacon, Ruby is able to
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Fanfic Recommendations #3
Hi everyone,
I meant to have this done sooner, but last week I was both busy and stressed, and this week I got kind of overwhelmed with the amount of free time I actually had. Still, I wanted to do this, so here are my late Fanfic Recommendations for this week!
Dolly Kill Kill
DKK Re-Write: For those of you who don’t know, DKK is a relatively obscure manga about people having to face an alien invasion… against doll-like creatures. In some ways, it kind of takes itself a little too seriously but isn’t all that bad I suppose. The Re-Write, however, details a different kind of story; it says that the Dollies are actually an innocent race having been enslaved by another group and are being forced to fight for them. Personally, I prefer this one, since not only is it lighter in tone, but it doesn’t try to be so serious with such a quirky premise. Definitely, give it a read even if you aren’t a fan of the manga.
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Francisco's Dilemma Preview: Sibling Support
[Sam is seen in the cafeteria, sulking a bit]
Paige: [Walks up] Hey Sam, what are you doing?
Sam: Hmm? [Looks over to Paige] Oh, hey Paigey. What’s up?
Paige: Well, other than my soufflé, not much. But you’re looking so sad; why so glum, chum?
Sam: [Frowns] It’s Francisco, dudette. I’m a little worried for our bro.
Paige: [Sits down next to her] What’s the matter?
Sam: Francisco got a love letter, but he thinks it’s fake. I tried to snap him out of it, but he just won’t listen!
Paige: Oh… poor Fran. Hmm… maybe we should call a Sibling Meeting or something? What do you think?
Sam: Maybe. I’ll try and talk to Chaz, see what he thinks.
Paige: I think he’ll say yes. [Smiles warmly]
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Fanfic Recommendations #2
    Hey everyone, it’s Friday so it’s time for Fanfic Fridays! While some of these will be of shows I mentioned before, others are going to be new.
    So, let’s dive right in!
The Loud House
YoshiPlayer15’s Fan Episodes: For those of you who don’t know him, YoshiPlayer15 is a pretty popular fanfic writer in the TLH fandom. And for good reason: he does come up with some pretty creative and neat ideas for his works. I will admit that his writing can be a bit better, and sometimes his works fall into what I like to call “Saint Lincoln Syndrome” but nothing too bad.
SB Episodes, Loud House Style: A series of fics that are themselves based off of some pictures by a fellow DA member here, the stories all follow a SpongeBob episode but put it into the perspective of the Louds and their friends. Such as Lori h
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Jellax: Beware the Light (Preview)
    “Come on, this way,” The young Jellax said to the others as they rushed after the group. The poor humans had eluded their grasp, but now they were cornered. A simple shack in the countryside wouldn’t keep them from their salvation.  As they rushed up, the slime people did not realize they were being watched from up above.
    Rushing up to the shack, the leader of the Jellax group first got the door and opened it up cautiously, not wanting to scare anyone or make them do an action they regretted. As the door swung open, she saw a small group of humans, cowering the back—a few children with them, which only made things even better. It also warmed the Jellax’s heart to take the most innocent into their fold.
    “Hello there,” The leader said as she approached them. “It’s good we finally caught up with you
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Sailor Moon: A Meeting With Death (WotR Preview)
    Housenka always found the Pentara Mortaris to be the most frightening of the Pure Ones’ gods. Sure, they weren’t large deities; just a group of five beings, said to have only ascended within the last year or so, but their very concept was quite frightening. Five young deities who all represented not just the classical elements in Medieval Tradition, but also represented death and moving on. That alone could make some people cringe, to imagine the elements that gave life twisted into instruments of death. But what really frightened Housenka was the leader, the “Psyche of Death”. The artistic representations never showed the figure’s face, but it always showed the Psyche as an incredibly tall figure, wearing a long, dark purple robe that covered almost everything and had two twin scythes, appearing to be made of a strange gold and purple alloy, strapped to a small sash on her hip.
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Fanfiction Recommendations #1
Hey everyone,
It’s been a while since I’ve done a fanfiction review—the biggest reasons being schoolwork, time to see fan works, a lack of discipline in writing, and a desire for other projects—but I don’t want to just stop them, so I’m going to be starting again by doing something simpler and easier; recommendations!
These are just short little details about the stuff I read and on what I think is good, or so bad it’s horrible. As well as to what fandoms they belong to, so you can know if it’s up your alley or if you want to check out something else, or see the source material. I hope to get a review done soon, but I think I’ll work on some requests and gifts first.
Links for these stories will be provided in the description. So, without further ado, let’s begin:
The Loud House
First Love: This is, hands-down, one of my favorite fanfictions of all time! The writing is re
:iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 2 11
Surprise Party (Gift for Awsomeguy12345)
[In a random house in America somewhere, Ponko sticks her head out of a door and looks around.]
Rangy: Do you see him?
Ponko: Nope, but we heard from Psi he was supposed to be back soon… [Comes back in, closing the door] How are we doing on the party favors?
Rangy: So far, okay I guess…
[Ponko and Rangy go to the living room, showing a bunch of MOTDs making a party, with Widow untangling U-Tomodachi from webbing, Murid using magic to set up banners with Atsugeshho, though Atsu is having trouble getting nails in, and Marzipan is decorating a cake.]
Ponko: [Holds out hand][Incredulous tone] This? This is how far we’ve gotten?
Rangy: [Angry] Hey, you try making an impromptu birthday party with most of us gone!
Murid: Now, Rangy, there’s no need to be upset. Ponko’s just a bit under stress is all.
U-Tomodachi: Yeah, we all want him to have a good birthday party, don’t we?
Rangy: Still…
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The Myst House (Chapter 1 Preview)
The scene begins with Lincoln walking down the stairs of the Loud House.
Lincoln: [To the Viewers] Ah, Spring Break. A time of fun, frolicking, and freedom… [looks down to see the Sisters sitting in the living room] Especially when you get to have a break from your Sisters. They're going to be so busy, it'll just be me, Clyde, my underwear, and Ace Savey. I can't wait! [Gets to the living room]
Luan: Oh, hey Link.
Luna: Yo bro! Ready to start an absolutely awesome Spring Break!
Lincoln: You bet, Luna!
Luna: Good. [Looks back to the others, who Deadpan] Cause we’ve got no idea what to do today.
Lincoln: What? Didn’t you guys have plans for Spring Break?
Lynn: Got canceled, Lincoln.
Lincoln: [Crosses his arms, looking suspicious] Really? Visiting the Casagrandas and Santiagos?
Lori: Extended family reunion down in Latin America. [Whispers to Lisa] You’ve got the drones to keep an eye on Bobby, right?
Lisa: [Pulling out a remote device with a screen] They
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Francisco's Dilemma (Preview)
The scene opens with Francisco eating his lunch at the stands when he reaches for his helmet he sees the note Lynn left for him.
Francisco: [Confused] Huh, what’s this? [Picks it up and reads it, looking uncomfortable as he does.]
Random Player: Hey, Francisco, game’s starting.
Francisco: Uh, coming! [Puts the note away and gets his helmet on, heading to the diamond]
French Narrator: One game later…
[Francisco is sitting at a table in the lunchroom, mindlessly tapping the tip onto the paper, looking depressed]
Sam: [Comes up to him] Hey little bro, how’s it hanging?
Francisco: [Surprised, he looks up to her][Absent-mindedly] Oh, hey Sam…
Sam: [Concerned, she sits next to him] Hey, you okay Francisco?
Francisco: [Sighs sadly] No, not really… someone pulled a mean prank on me earlier—
Sam: WHAT?! [Gets up, astounded][Infuriated] Who did it?! I’
:iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 2 5
White Widow: Infuriated by PsionicsKnight White Widow: Infuriated :iconpsionicsknight:PsionicsKnight 5 15


Agartha - Realm of the underground world by rasty690 Agartha - Realm of the underground world :iconrasty690:rasty690 77 9 World Map by Dyemelikeasunset World Map :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,434 148
A... Tentative Book Recommendation
I've been... wanting to bring this up for some time now, but I've always fumbled the words I wanted to say. Nothing seemed adequate enough to me. How do I pitch or even discuss this series to you? I brought up Skulduggery Pleasant last night because I wanted something fun and light to get us on the right foot; you might say I was buttering you up, and I was. 
But it's high time I get this off my chest. I need to talk about this to someone or I think I might just go completely insane. 
I want to talk to you guys about a series that has grown on me in recent months like a skin infection. Or a wart. Or cancer.
Alright, enough stalling, but I just want to provide context: I've entered into a kind of, as Tom Lehrer would have put it, masochism tango. In recent memory, it is the purest expression of a love-hate relationship I've ever had with any media. I can't think of any other book series I love and yet find so repulsive as to be magnetic...
:icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 4 18
Conundrum by Cadhla182 Conundrum :iconcadhla182:Cadhla182 94 40
Welcome to the world of Draco Stryx!

This is a very open-ended world, and is more or less a fantasy version of the Earth we all know. Draco Stryx are used as dragon mounts for people all over the world, from all kinds of cultures and countries, and all kinds of geographic origin. The time period is also loose, but is primarily based in a Viking/Celtic/Medieval type of setting, where people are wearing leather, furs, feathers, and are fashioning metal armor and weapons. However, you don't need to feel limited by this! You're encouraged to play in whatever way you like best, regardless of time period or other factors. So if the official premise isn't to your liking, no worries! Do whatever's the most fun for you!
The name of the game is to have fun, and interact with your fellow players through art and writing challenges, as well as roleplay.
Here are some journals you should read, to get yourself familiar with this species
:icondracostryx:DracoStryx 55 41
Insidious gender roles
   It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am a living defiance of gender roles.  I’m not saying that to try to sound like I’m something special or that this is any great accomplishment; the world is increasingly open to women and men blurring the traditional lines that separated the genders.  Nor was this defiance something I sought out.  I simply am and have always been more on the stereotypically-masculine side of my culture’s personality spectrum.  It’s not a big deal, I’m not proud or ashamed of it, and I don’t generally feel a need to point it out.
   However, I have not always been so confident with this.  I was raised in a sphere of Complimentarian beliefs, taught that men and women are created with a different “essence” and that the greatest fulfillment that a person can reach will be one within their gender roles.  My own parents were not as strict with these
:iconeternalgeekexposed:EternalGeekExposed 35 23
The Heterosexual Agenda: A Message to Christians

Somewhere in an alternate reality where Christians treat heterosexuals like we do homosexuals here, a preacher is speaking...
"We must stop the heterosexual agenda before it destroys the family and Christianity. Straights don't just want equal rights. They want special rights that should be reserved only for non-heterosexuals. They don't really want tolerance. They want us to celebrate sin. They wouldn't be satisfied until every song, every movie, every children's program has heterosexual romance in it and children of the opposite sex are forced to kiss onscreen for our amusement and all of us are pressured by society to find someone of the opposite sex to mate with.
We don't hate heterosexuals but the Bible is very clear that heterosexuality is a sin and that heterosexuals must expel the demon of heterosexuality that possesses them or they are damned to Hell. As Leviticus states repeatedly, if a man lies with a woman and either of th
:iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 23 46
Loving God's Way

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." (John 13:38)
As Christians, most of us know that we are repeatedly commanded to love. But, it can be hard to love everyone and we can even struggle with tolerance at times.
And, when we do love, we naturally love our spouse and children in a far deeper and more selfless way than we would someone we don't like or who doesn't like us. After all, we're not God. We can't be expected to love our obnoxious neighbor the same way we do our beautiful wife, can we?
In John 21:15-17, Jesus asks Peter (Simon) three times if he loves Him. The three times is of course a contrast to the three times Peter denied Him, but what is more revealing is something we miss in the English translation: the word Christ speaks for love is not the same as the one Peter uses.
Many people believe that the fact the gospels and epistles were originally written in Greek
:iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 22 11
Being LGBT Is Not A Sin, Condemning Them Is by Rogue-Ranger Being LGBT Is Not A Sin, Condemning Them Is :iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 357 321
Is 'Disagreeing' Homophobic?

Homophobia literally means an irrational fear (phobia) of sameness (homo), but more commonly means today fear, hatred or intolerance toward homosexual people (individuals with exclusive same-sex attractions).
But, is "disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle" homophobic?
What is "the homosexual lifestyle"? Obviously, it's waking up in a stranger's bed, going to the bar to hook up with a few more random people before putting on your S&M gear and riding a float shaped like male genitals at a gay pride parade, vandalizing a church, and of course suing the local cake shop.'s getting up in your own bed, going to school or work, meeting with friends, doing homework or paying bills, going to bed and repeating the process. They're so similar; it could be either.
When someone says they "disagree with the homosexual lifestyle", "the gay lifestyle", or it's new alternative "the LGBT lifestyle", it sounds so nonsensical that it can only be an incre
:iconrogue-ranger:Rogue-Ranger 22 68
Cute cinnamon roll by xXCresent-MoonXx Cute cinnamon roll :iconxxcresent-moonxx:xXCresent-MoonXx 2 3 Flying dreamer by xXCresent-MoonXx Flying dreamer :iconxxcresent-moonxx:xXCresent-MoonXx 2 3
TLH: Bill Ciphers New Puppet Part 2 (Fanfic)
(They all hopped into Chunk’s van and drove off. Meanwhile, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean lies a boat with two men. One is dropping the anchor, while the other is securing the sails.) 
Man 1: (finish dropping anchor) Oh boy, what a day. 
Man 2: (tying the last sail) I’ll say, for minute there I thought we would be trapped in the Bermuda Triangle forever. 
Man 1: But as always nothing can beat the Pine Family! Right, Ford? 
Ford: (climbing down the mass) I couldn’t agree more, Stan. 
Stan: So, what’s the plan for... 
(Stan was interrupted by a beeping sound coming from the lower deck.) 
Stan: Hey, what’s that noise? 
(Stan and Ford head to the lower deck of the boat. As they arrived to the lower deck, they see a flashing light from one part of the control panel making the beeping sound. Ford walks towards the panel, turns off the sound and sees the energy readings on the scre
:iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 24 9
Perseus and Medusa - A Myth Reimagined 2 by Khialat Perseus and Medusa - A Myth Reimagined 2 :iconkhialat:Khialat 45 67 374 - SCP-135 synchronized by Dalicris 374 - SCP-135 synchronized :icondalicris:Dalicris 30 21 Universe Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Universe Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 3,367 265



Hey guys,

Just a warning; for some reason, when I receive notes they aren't coming through properly.

It might be better to wait until we get more information about what is happening.
Hi everyone,

Since my DA Sister :iconxxcresent-moonxx: said she misses me, I wanted to just come in and tell you all that I'm officially back! Or at least, will be tomorrow. :)

So, as for my break; I had a really good time and was able to get so much done! I'm by no means totally finished with work this week, but now I have a lot more things done and can spend more time with all of you! I couldn't get as much as I wanted done, but a part of that, I feel, is from technically still having some stuff up for entertainment purposes. Still, I feel this was an effective weekend and a nice change of pace.

That being said, this will probably be how things go from now on for a while; I'll be taking some time on the Weekend off, though I might limit myself to Saturdays instead since I have so much to do on Sundays its kind of hard to put in everything. Also, as I've said before, right now this might only happen until I graduate; which is five weeks from now. Since I'll be going out into the real world, I can't promise I'll spend all my time on the computer, but I can spend at least some more time.

Also, since I was thinking about this; I have gotten some counseling from my School Board. Right now, it's going good and has helped me to cope with and understand some of the problems I have. Granted, I doubt this will solve every problem since a simple six-week course can't overcome feelings of being ultimately unloved and unwanted, but I think it's a great start!

Hope you all missed me as much as I did you and that I'll be able to interact with you all more this week! 
Okay... before I start the weekend break, I guess I want to actually ask some people something that I just found out about.

What do you guys think of this concept: 

Personally, I've got... mixed feelings. On one hand, it indicates we've come quite a bit in terms of A.I. technology and while not meant to be for A.I. technology, it also does seem pretty impressive. On the other hand... I also think it's kind of creepy to take what is basically a non-sentient being as a "partner".
Plus, while I think it could work for therapeutic issues, I also fear about what it might do to Japan's social and reproductive problems (assuming they are as bad as I've heard).
Hello everyone,

While I work on some homework and wait for my homemade ice cream to freeze up, I figured it might be good to give another little Talking Thursday. Initially, this was going to be about my own plans for Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy fanfictions, but I've discovered something really neat that I feel you all should get to know! This does make this Talking Thursday a bit of an Internet Shout-Out as well, but since this does affect me personally rather than just something I think should get more recognition, I think it'll be fine.

Now, if some of you remember, about a couple of months or so ago, I talked about the tiny house communities; the movement some have made to creating much smaller, simpler houses in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, free up time, live a simpler, more fulfilling life, and maybe even find a way to live off-the-grid without sacrificing all the pleasures and luxuries of modern life.

Well, I'm here to tell you that the tiny house movement... has just gotten what is perhaps the world's first "iHouse" or something like it! Introducing, the kasita!

What is the kasita, you ask? Well, it's a house that is currently being made by the company of the same as a means to create what is more-or-less a futuristic micro-home. The basic concept is that it is a house consisting of 374 sq ft that have within it not just the basic necessities of kitchen, lounge, bed, and bathroom, but also is able to implore a good number of gadgets as well. Some of the factors include a couch that can automatically slide out to make a bed, drawers by the small stairs that can be used for storage, a television in the living room/lounge desk that can disappear when not in use, the ability to use an Amazon Echo to control the house via voice, and much more! It's a high-tech house that allows for you to live in luxury while not having to pay too much money; the most expensive model right now is the level three, which is $129,000. Certainly no steal, but ironically far cheaper than even some of the cheapest mansions on the market right now.

Along with this, the kasita is so small and compact, the company plans to put ones on top of one another in bustling city areas, allowing for more people to stay in complex-like areas that might be easier to build and live in than conventional housing or apartments. Moreover, individual kasitas are small enough to use as guest houses or even be put onto the flat roofs of certain types of houses/buildings, and the fact that they are made with metal implies they can last for a long time.

When I first heard about this yesterday, I found it fascinating and felt that either I'd love to get a kasita or would want to buy it as a guest house for my own property. Even though most of the uses are more about having it as an accessory rather than living in it, I could definitely see someone choosing to live in it permanently. I even remember hearing of some people in the TH movement living in areas with such high rent, they make a tiny house, rent out their conventional home, and live in their tiny house without having to ever work again because they can afford so much. In essence, I could see some people doing the same with a kasita if the rent is high enough, and I might even want to do it myself!

Now, with this being said, there are some... problems, to be had. The biggest problem, I feel, is that the kasita only comes in more modern-style housing. Not to bad if you like that style, or if you're like me and you just like the concept of staying in what is essentially the house of the future. But some might not be as comfortable living in it; for instance, a friend of mine who has a passion for architecture and houses admits the modern and contemporary stylings are some of his least favorite, which I think means he would hate having to stay in a house like this. Moreover, the box-style of the house might be fine in some areas of the world, but not in others. I'm currently in the Northwest right now, and that means during some parts of the year we get heavy rain and snowfall; things that could be detrimental to a cube-shaped house like the kasita.

Moreover, due to all of the amount of technological gadgetry and uses of the houses, as well as the fact that things like flush toilets are most likely part of the design and cannot be substituted right now, it means that living partially off-the-grid in such a house would be difficult, while complete off-the-grid living would be impossible. Finally, there is the fact that the kasita does not come on wheels, which seems to be the most popular tiny house choice as of yet. While it is possible once could set it on a gooseneck trailer or on a skidded pad-and-pier system, the house seems to be built for foundation-use only, limiting it tremendously in its current state.

Still, I'd have to say that even if you don't mind that, or even want to live in a house that small, the kasita is not only a fascinating invention but really shows how fast technology is growing and not only what could be accomplished in the future, but what is being accomplished now.

For more info, check out the main site:
Hey guys,
Something happened today, and it got me thinking about some stuff. So... I’m going to just go and say it; I really need to limit my time on DA for a bit. It’s just... I spend so much time doing RPs and such, that it causes trouble with both posting things and getting work done. So, from now on (at least until I graduate) I’m taking weekends off. I need the time to do other things. Other than that, I should be free to do stuff. Though I might or might not take a longer break later on.
Hope you guys have a good day and thanks for your support!
Hi everyone,

Since my DA Sister :iconxxcresent-moonxx: said she misses me, I wanted to just come in and tell you all that I'm officially back! Or at least, will be tomorrow. :)

So, as for my break; I had a really good time and was able to get so much done! I'm by no means totally finished with work this week, but now I have a lot more things done and can spend more time with all of you! I couldn't get as much as I wanted done, but a part of that, I feel, is from technically still having some stuff up for entertainment purposes. Still, I feel this was an effective weekend and a nice change of pace.

That being said, this will probably be how things go from now on for a while; I'll be taking some time on the Weekend off, though I might limit myself to Saturdays instead since I have so much to do on Sundays its kind of hard to put in everything. Also, as I've said before, right now this might only happen until I graduate; which is five weeks from now. Since I'll be going out into the real world, I can't promise I'll spend all my time on the computer, but I can spend at least some more time.

Also, since I was thinking about this; I have gotten some counseling from my School Board. Right now, it's going good and has helped me to cope with and understand some of the problems I have. Granted, I doubt this will solve every problem since a simple six-week course can't overcome feelings of being ultimately unloved and unwanted, but I think it's a great start!

Hope you all missed me as much as I did you and that I'll be able to interact with you all more this week! 


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xXCresent-MoonXx Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Psi, I kind of have some cool rp idea
PsionicsKnight Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student Writer
Oh really? What is it? :)

I'd love to hear!
xXCresent-MoonXx Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Has something to do with this…
PsionicsKnight Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student Writer
Ohh, that's a good idea!

Who should be the main characters for it? Personally, I see it as a Sam and Crescent RP, but what do you think?
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xXCresent-MoonXx Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I miss you
PsionicsKnight Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Student Writer
Alright, Sister, I'm back now since you say you miss me.

Like I said, I was going to be gone for the weekend.

But, I'm coming back now and due to my time off, I have even more time and energy to spend with all of you!

By the way, tomorrow when do you want to start working on the collab again? I'm thinking sometime in the evening since I'll have gotten more stuff done and can work on other things after that.
xXCresent-MoonXx Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The evening :)
PsionicsKnight Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Student Writer
Wonderful! :)

I'll tell you when I'm available tonight, then! :hug:
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AjaLuvDolls Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, do you take requests or something
PsionicsKnight Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018  Student Writer
Technically, yes, but I have some rules about it and I need to redo the next slots.

Basically, every three months, I give five slots for requests, five for point commissions, and five for monetary commissions. It's based on a "first-come, first-serve" basis, but since the first time I did it, there weren't too many people I wouldn't worry about anything.
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